SIBIIR Quotes and Impressions

International press:
Bleak and frozen in places like the land that has spawned them, dirty and crusty in others, if you like black metal, hardcore, or a conglomerate of the two, this one is for you." -Astral Noize

"If nasty vocals, blackened guitars, and fiercely punk drumming is your jam, then you owe it to yourself to check out SIBIIR"
- Metal Injection  

"Ropes offers frost-bitten black metal alongside careful genre-bending – allowing for the band to really dig into some of the more atmospheric material and let their songwriting skills shine." -Heavy Blog is Heavy 

"Ropes will have you interested from start to finish, and will give you a million reasons to re-listen to it."
- Distorted Sound Magazine (8/10)

"Vierzig Minuten voll auf die Fresse"

"Hardcore und Black Metal im perfekten Mix"
- Burn Your Ears Webzine (9/10)

"Mix der Nordmänner ganz vorne dabei, wenn es um innovative, metallische Hardcore-Entwicklungen geht. Stark!"
- (8/10)

Norwegian press:
 "Kaldt, intenst, aggressivt og samstundes musikalt. Dei har si heilt eiga greie, og det kjennes heilt riktig å sette på Ropes." 

"La det ikke være tvil: Ropes befester Sibiirs posisjon i toppsjiktet av den norske musikkunderskogen."
-Disharmoni (6/6)