Årabrot - Who Do You Love

ÅrabrotWho Do You Love

Pelagic, 07. Sep 2018
Cat.no. PEL105
UPC 4059251204824
Hires images:
1. Maldoror's Love
2. The Dome
3. Warning
4. Pygmalion
5. Serpents
6. Sinnerman
7. Look Daggers
8. A Sacrifice
9. Sons And Daughters
10. Uniform Of A Killer

'Norwegian noise-rockers who follow in the footsteps of uncompromising US acts such as Swan and Big Black’ - The Financial Times

‘Evokes the more artistically ambitious but no less menacing likes of Killing joke and Swans’ - Uncut Magazine

‘They’re at their weirdest and best’ - The Wire

‘One hell of an album’ - The Line of Best Fit

‘Superb’ - The Quietus

‘Albums that don’t quite sound like anything else’ - Drowned in Sound