Beglomeg - Eurokrjem


Fysisk Format, 05. Jun 2015
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1. Hvem skal dømme egentlig?
2. Mystik Face
3. Eau de Cologne
4. Lepje Eurokrjem Brjoder
5. The Endless River
6. The Land of 1,000 Snakes: Present Universe/Moon Skin Licknata
7. The Land of 1,000 Snakes: The Man
8. The Land of 1,000 Snakes: The Land
9. The Land of 1,000 Snakes: The Snakes
10. Vi Lever


There are bands who, with playful certainty, fuse together stark contrasts. There are bands who, in their very nature, are too broad and shameless for the niches, but still have a distinct aura of opposition to the establishment. There are bands who, thanks to the primal force of music, make audiences break out in spontaneous song, dance, applause – Beglomeg checks all of the above.

The septet Beglomeg played its first concert at Oslo's House of Dance in 2009, and has since released two 12” and performed far and wide. In 2014 they released the single “The Man”, which according to the press “sputters as though reinventing music itself”. This release was followed by the video and perfume “Eau de Cologne”, second teaser from their debut album “Eurokrjem” which is to be released June 5th on Fysisk Format.

Despite their decadence, Beglomeg shouldn't be written off as silly. Flamboyantly dressed, their demeanour stems from the planes of a twisted parallel reality. From here they send ambiguous signals in all directions, and expel a sweaty, happy vitality. One can’t help but to be caught up in the tight musicality, not only in the interaction between the performers but in the performers achievements themselves – the tasteful and serene synthesizers, the riveting saxophone, the ethereal trumpet and the rock steady funk drive of the drums and bass.

The album comprises nine tracks within a myriad of genres, the most obvious being a form of extended rock – rock with a dash of prog-disco and new age. The band defines itself with self-invented terms such as dizzie listening, black jenka and €urohope. The latter, a vulgar take on new age, can be read more about in Beglomeg's "Let me tell you about Eurohope"-mixtape.

Eurokrjem is produced by Druekjernen, mixed by Tropical Contact High (Ådne Meisfjord – 120 days) and mixed by Christian Obermayer at Strype Audio.