Nils Bech - A Sudden Sickness

Nils BechA Sudden Sickness

Fysisk Format, 29. Jun 2012
12" FY058
UPC 7041889500628
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Nils Bech is nothing less than Norway\'s most intriguing songwriters and performers. His art balances between performance, dance and music and has given him a worldwide cult following as well as critical acclaim. His debut, Look Back, was released on Fysisk Format in 2010 and caused quite a stir. Now, the time has finally come for a follow up!

The next album, entitled Look Inside, will be released this autumn, but the first single, A Sudden Sickness, is available already June 29th.

The single is released as one-sided 12\" vinyl with two exclusive tracks that won\'t be available digitally: Breaking Patterns Part 1 and 2.A Sudden Sickness (as well as the album) is produced by the electronica duo Ost og Kjex with arrangements from the contemporary composers Ole Henrik Moe and Julian Skar.

The artwork for A Sudden Sickness is done by Ida Ekblad, one of the most defining young norwegian artists of today.