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Agenda is the sound of despair, the sound of the wasteland, and the sound of the apocalypse. Inspired by American hardcore, Swedish d-beat and Norwegian black metal, these guys have created their own blend of melodic crust punk and are now ready to take you on a journey to a dystopic future. Stay tuned for their upcoming sophomore effort, out later this year. First single 'Suffer' is out friday May 3rd.

The band was started by Hans Olaf (Avast, ex-NAG) and Trond (Avast) when the world should have ended, in December 2012. Their mission was to create the heaviest and grittiest punk band in Norway. They initially recorded and released a four-track demo in early 2013, with Hans Olaf on bass and vocals, and Trond on guitar, drums and vocals. Robin (Dödsstraff, ex-Töxik Death) joined on drums shortly after, before Håkon (Dödsstraff) completed the line-up as the band’s bass player.