Insomniac Bears

Bilde av bandet

We are proud to present the first chapter in this story about a great debut album from norwegian retrofuturists Insomniac Bears. The story begins a couple of years back when this solid pack established strong personal bonds at an early stage after some of the members experienced heavy loss and challenges shortly after they first teamed up. Therefore their collective strength no longer only rely on musical abilities and creative interactions. It takes the communication to a deeper level and has played an important role in giving the group a signature sound already on the first album.

Originally they were planning on saving all their new music for next year, when the album drops. But they decided to push forward this first single to be released at the very end of the shitty year 2020. All with the message of hope and joy to their friends, fans and fellow musicians in a time when it´s deeply needed. It’s time to stand up and fight for your scene before it’s too late. We are now living in a time when our great cultural scene is threatened and all that’s been established in our country over the last couple of decades could disappear.

Break up the shapes

First track off the debut album is titled “Break up the shapes” and will be released by Fysisk format December 11th 2020. The track extends the voice of Insomniac Bears, only with a more hungry approach that shows a dynamic group drawing on each others respective pasts but also on the new energy they discovered playing together. Their wide embrace of genre could feel like a tasty mash-up or a prosperous mix of indie styles. Yet with their distinctive and confident voice, it allows them to swoop through soundscapes light as air. In front we have MC Thomas Bratlie who playfully sings his way through post harmonic vocal hooks with a distinctive nerve and energetic boost. We haven’t heard him that angry since the early years of his formerly mothership Rumble in Rhodos. But he also offers vulnerability and honesty with a more calm voice giving the song a full dynamic character. Backed up by nostalgic hockey arena synthesizers, fiery indie guitars and explosive drums they create a complex soundscape where the instrumentation repel each other with each element blooming and reducing like blobs of oil in water. Look out for this fresh breath of northern air spreading hope into all locked down homes before Christmas.