Bilde av bandet

SIBIIR saw first light in 2014, and has been polishing their own special brand of hardcore ­infused metal ever since.

Their debut 7” gathered superb feedback and manifested from day one the signature of SIBIIR.

Taking their name from Siberia in Russia, which has the coldest populated town on earth, definitely suits

their style, cold and technical metal with hints of Hardcore, Thrash, Black gaze metal, and a tasteful,

fearless joy of pushing genre boundaries. From Bekmörke’s second wave of black metal and hardcore fusion,

via the relentless tempo of Beat Them To Death, to the early Mastodon­esque Erase & Adapt,

SIBIIR’s debut album reeks of creativity and headbangable riffs. This is an album of sublime

earth ­shattering proportions.

In June 2016 SIBIIR went into legendary Caliban Studios in Oslo with producer Andreas R. Westhagen

to record their debut album. After seven days ten tracks were done. The album was mixed by Andreas R. Westhagen

and mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE.

With backgrounds from various bands on the norwegian scene (Sigh & Explode, Jack Dalton), ranging

from indiepop to hardcore, the band came together to make the hardest and darkest music they had ever made.

The first single from the upcoming debut album was premiered exclusively by Music&Riots Magazine,

who wrote this about the single Bekmörke (Translated to Pitch Black):

“Rhythmically energizing and revitalizing, Bekmörke is also an authentic parade of riffs that combines

a memorable nature with an overall bleak and piercing approach....yet another horrifically pleasant surprise coming out of Norway....

”In Fysisk Format’s view, SIBIIR stands alone in their sound, blending genres so flawlessly that it seems like second

nature to them. Their S/T debut’s sonic output is so heavy and full of energy that one will crave seeing them live

before the opening track Bekmörke is even finished. SIBIIR’s hook­laden riffs and confronting vocals amass to an

empowering record that can pump you full of energy. But, it might also scare the living daylight out of you.

At the end of the album you will find yourself empty and uplifted, a carnal proof that SIBIIR is one of the very few metal

albums that really makes a difference in 2016.

SIBIIR comes highly recommended for people that are pissed off and want to stay that way.



Vocals / Jimmy Nymoen

Guitars / Tobias Gausemel Backe

Guitars / Steffen Grønneberg

Bass / Kent Nordli

Drums / Eivind Kjølstad