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Blood Command quotes and impressions

April 6th, 2017

Reviews are starting to come in for Blood Command’s new album Cult Drugs, and they are looking good!

International press:

Metal Hammer (9/10) “Probably the most fun album you’ll hear all year”
Rush on Rock (10/10) “Blood Command don’t just survive, they thrive”
Ox Magazine (9/10) “Ein mächtiges Album, das den Willen der Band aufzeigt, weit nach oben zu kommen.”
Rock Sound (8/10) “One of this world’s best kept secrets”
Upset (4/5) “Blood Command are bloody good fun”
Already Heard (5/5) “This is a band at their most confident, most creative and most innovative and it is an absolute joy to behold.”
RAMzine  “catchy with brawling rhythms that will leave you exhausted”

Norwegian press:
Gaffa (5/6) “Albumet har ikke én dårlig låt”


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