Fysisk Format


Down-to-earth post-metal, believe it or not.

Aristillus began in 2010 when the members met in high school, and quickly set out to expand the stalled post-metal genre into new territories, breathing new life into a since long boring genre with additions of old school emocore and early indie.

They released their first album, “Devoured Trees & Crystal Skies”, in January 2011 on Fysisk Format as the youngest band on the label, with the members being between 18-20 years old. They followed up this album with a tour that included several large Norwegian festivals: Norwegian Wood, Slottsfjellfestivalen, Øyafestivalen and Malakoffestivalen.

Their second album was released in 2012, simply entitled “Two”, also on Fysisk Format.

Two CD/LP 2012
Devoured Trees & Crystal Skies CD/LP 2011

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