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The result of the joyful friction that arises when cocky ex-straightedgers meet high brow elitist punks!

The two 7″ Frowns vs Downs and The Rope and a killer series of live shows made HARABALL one of Fysisk Format’s top bands in only a few years from 2011 onwards. HARABALL plays sharp and ultra-consistent Old School Hardcore – the genre with the world’s most scrutinous music police.

But HARABALL never looks over their shoulder: it’s five members combine 50 years of experience playing hardcore. They own the genre, no matter what high brow Internet warriors claim. Bass player Vegard and guitarist William played in one of Norway’s most infamous straight edge bands, Tiebreak, until it exploded in a frenzy of fights and masculine love. Shortly after, William, drummer Daniel, guitarist Trond and lead singer Jon Eivind started the band Fairfuck, whose 7″ was the first release on danish Kick ‘n Punch records (Regulations, Amdi Petersens Armé). A lot of unfinished business still lurked when Fairfuck called it a day, and after 10 years of lobbying from William, HARABALL saw the light of day. When guitar-maestro and producer Trond got a minute off from his dayjob in serious rock bands like Euroboys and Mirror Lakes, all this culminated into “Sleep Tall”, released in april 2013.

Sleep Tall is not a tribute to Bad Brains, Black Flag or Minor Threat. It is a competent refinement of a genre, DIY style, that most new bands misuse or misinterpret. HARABALL is vitalization of hardcore and and a cultivation of the bare essentials, proudly espoused by Fysisk Format. HARD BOILED FRENZY!


Sleep Tall CD/LP
Frowns vs. Downs 7″
The Rope 7″

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