Fysisk Format



There’s no time to wonder what hit you when this chilling, post-punk metal breeze from Northern Norway comes down on you.

The band started out in 2006, based out of  Bodø. The members all had connections to the once blossoming hardcore scene there, with bands such as The Spectacle, Uzumaki, Hjertesorg, The Fences and Oceanism. They started anew with Kollwitz and moved to Oslo in 2007. After many years of being herded in such a remote – and thus highly unique – scene as the one in Bodø, their Fysisk Format-released debut album “Like Iron I Rust” resulted in great reviews and Kollwitz making a national name for themselves. A deserved name, we say, with their signature sound in the seldom visited borderland between post-punk, post-rock and metal.

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