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Le Corbeau

Walking through haunting church corridors and hipster Paris neighborhoods simultaneously.

Le Corbeau was started in 2006 as a solo project of Øystein Sandsdalen, then one of the guitarists of Norwegian noise stars Serena-Maneesh. Eventually, the project grew to a height of its own, with Øystein’s goal being to create a Lee Ranaldo pop record – and succeeding, time and time again in doing so.

After a self-titled debut in 2008 and the album “Evening Chill/Montreal of the Mind” in 2009, Le Corbeau reached their apex with 2011s “Moth on the Headlight”.

Moth on the Headlight – cd/lp (2011)
12″ split with Svarte Greiner (NOR) – (2010)
“Night Stroll” split with Slim Twig (CAN)- 7″ (2009)
Evening Chill/Montreal of the Mind – cd/lp (2009)
Le Corbeau – cd (2008)

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