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SPURV – MYRA: quotes and impressions

June 13th, 2018

Spurv’s sophomore effort “Myra” gets a lot of praise from the press!

“Grandiose, beautiful and absolutely amazing”
– Musikknyheter.no (10/10)

“Raising the bar in post-rock this year”
– Pretty in noise (10/10)

“Myra sounds like a classic. It’s the post-rock album to beat in 2018”
– A closer listen

“Hats off for Spurv.  Myra is incredibly good post-rock album”
– Gaffa.no (5/6)

“Postrock with atmosphere, finesse and emotional depth”
– Dagbladet

“For lovers of instrumental music it is an obligatory listening”
– Grind on the road (8/10)

“Technically brilliant and sophisticated”
– Gezeitenstrom

“The gradual build in texture and harmonic progression provides some powerful moments”
– ItDjents (8/10)

“This kind of post rock can only be made in Norway”
– Merchants of air

“It is nothing short of breathtaking”
– I talk to planets (93/100)

“They seem to have their own take on this kind of sound, a sort of energy that’s hard to quantify and replicate”
Heavy blog is heavy

“This is the best post rock record so far in 2018”
Deep Beneath

“From start to finish this is an amazingly beautiful album”
The Independent Voice Ezine (5/5)

“Rarely staying in one place, constantly searching out another peak”

“Instrumental post-rock at the highest level”
– metal1.info (9,5/10)

“Each song is beautifully composed”
Ave Noctum (8/10)

“Elegant and magical”
Necromance.eu (9/10)

“Spurv have created a masterpiece”
Necbreaker.de (9/10)

“Beautiful and powerful”
Grizzlybutts.com (3/5)

“a creative, flowing whole”
Angry metal guy (3/5)