Attan - End of

AttanEnd of

Fysisk Format, 07. Sep 2018
UPC 7041889506859
UPC 7041889506842
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01. The Burning Bush Will Not Be Televised
02. Feed The Primates
03. On Hands And Knees
04. In Our Image (This is love)
05. SoMe Riefenstahl
06. Black Liquid Marrow
07. Catalyst Divine
08. Ghostwriters
09. End Of.

Selv beskriver ATTAN musikken sin som "Lyden av menneskeheten som suger margen ut av beinet sitt". Litt mer prosaisk kan vi kalle det industriell, episk hardcore.

Slik beskriver internasjonal presse dem: “The thought of what sort of damage ATTAN’s full length album will have on your cranium and furniture is sure to terrify insurance companies everywhere”
-Metal Hammer

"ATTAN will wreck your shit so bad that it won’t even be recognisable as your shit anymore. They’re THAT intense.” -Metal Sucks

Medlemmer fra bla. Jesus Fucking Christ og Like Rats From A Sinking Ship.