The Good The Bad and The Zugly - Algorithm & Blues

The Good The Bad and The ZuglyAlgorithm & Blues

Fysisk Format, 17. Jan 2020
LP (Resirkulert vinyl) FY140LP
UPC 7041889508730
UPC 7041889508723
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FOCUS TRACK: The Man Behind The (Oxygen)Mask

1. Welcome to the great indoors
2. Fake noose
3. Staying with the trouble
4. (Follow your dreams)
5. Kings of inconvenience
6. The man behind the (oxygen) mask
7. Fuck life...but how to live it?
8. Corporate rock
9. What have you done for me lately?
10. The kids are alt-right
11. Fuck the police
12. (Kisteglad)
13. Requiem